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The best feed care for your animals

As a Likra dealer we offer the complete product range of the company Linzer Kraftfutter having all the common feed in stock. If you have any questions, please either contact us or our technical adviser from the aforementioned company, Josef Haydn (0676/847 699 744).

We also sell the quality horse feed of the company Königshofer and Marstall. In case we would like to advise and inform you about it.

Furthermore, we offer all common single and protein feeds as well as feed supplements, bagged, in big bags or loose, such as:

soybean meal non-GMO soybean meal
rapeseed meal sunflower meal
corn concentrate feed ActiProt
beet pulp wheat and rye bran
cattle salt feed grain
corn meal ...

If necessary we would be happy to deliver the feed by truck (silo truck, tipper or moving floor).

We would like to inform you about the right feed for your agricultural and domestic livestock and possible news on the feed market.


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