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Naturally from the region

We can offer the following flours in our mill and you can directly pick them up from our site. For other packing sizes, specialty flours or questions, feel free to ask us. We would like to advise and assist you.

  • Flour Type W480 soft or strong (very light wheat flour)
  • W700 wheat flour universal soft or strong
  • Wheat bread flour Type W1600 (dark wheat flour, rich in vitamins and minerals as well as parts of the seedling)
  • Graham flour (coarse wholemeal)
  • Whole wheat flour
  • Wheat semolina
  • “Vorschussmehl” type R500 (very light rye flour)
  • Rye flour universal Type R960
  • Black rye flour type R2500 (dark rye flour)
  • Wholemeal rye

We can also offer wheat, rye or spelt properly cleaned in whole grain for your own house mill!


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