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From the agricultural commodities up to the finished product

By avoiding long hauling of the raw materials, we can significantly contribute to the conservation of our environment. Already during the harvest only the corn with the best quality characteristics is picked by using our modern implements. This premium cereal is stored in our silos using temperature measurement and ventilation systems in order to guarantee a 100% healthy grain.

Our flour only includes “nature”; it does not contain any baking agents, emulsifiers or other additives. Due to the high and uniform quality standards, our corn has unique absorption rates and further features. With our modern transportation fleet, the meal is – on the request of the customer – put into sacks or delivered lose.

For private households, we have all common meals bagged in 5 kg and 10 kg packs. On request we can also offer smaller or larger packs. For your pets and working animals we produce many meals fresh. Click flours or meals to check out our most popular products.

Quality Assurance

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